Here’s a music video about Linux

6 января, 2012 Рубрики: Life, Linux

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TheLinuxFoundation — 18.03.2009 — Here’s a music video about Linux. Written by Lodge McCammon and performed by Brian Bouterse.

I am Linux in a box
Yea, Im super-stable, peer-reviewed, Gnu enabled
You can put me in your box
To get your home computer to be
Faster and so secure
Yea, well Redhat is sure
That their support is the cure

The community is ready
If Im bugged or unsteady
This is who we are
Im an open source heavy
Operating system everywhere
thats going far

I am Linux in your box
Im your custom system
Express your needs, the community listens
I am linux in your phone, your Tivo and playstation
The right solution, and now its time
For my OS to shine
future is mine all mine

С Уважением, Mc.Sim!

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